What do you do with your WEAKNESSES?

What is weakness?

Do you look at it as a negative thing or a way to challenge yourself to get better?

Are you comfortable enough to look within yourself to identify your weaknesses?

After you acknowledge them, what’s the next step?

Can your weakness strengthen you into a more improved person?

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The Power of Negative -vs- Positive Emotions

Which is more powerful a negative emotion or positive one?

Can a negative emotion impact change faster and with more power than a positive one?

Looking in history at some civil rights leaders were they led by their negative or positive emotion?

Pain at the Pump



My son and I were on our way to the dentist this morning.  We were running late, as usual, but to make things worse, I needed gas.  Usually, I go to the cheap-o gas.  You know the place.  There’s always a line coming from all directions no matter the time of day it is, and when you finally get to the pump, the keypad is all worn down to the point where you pretty much break your finger to get your zip code or pin number registered  in order to pay.  Continue reading

I have questions…Please help me out with some answers…

I felt the need to sit at my PC and just begin typing questions that popped into my head. I have answered some of them myself as I typed them but I welcome your thoughts and answers as well. Continue reading

The CDC, Terrie & Salt-N-Vinegar Chips

scared-kidsIt’s late June, I’m sitting in my Man Cave with my two nephews about to watch game 7 of the NBA Finals between the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs.¬† This was a great night for me because my nephews, aged¬†8 & 10 didn’t have school the next day and would be able to watch the entire game with me.¬† Game 6 was epic and I was looking forward¬†to enjoying another exciting game and hopefully watching LeBron¬†James hoist his second NBA Finals trophy, in the face of all his detractors.¬† You see I have a tendency to ‘like’ athletes people dislike but I digress.¬† Continue reading