What do you do with your WEAKNESSES?

What is weakness?

Do you look at it as a negative thing or a way to challenge yourself to get better?

Are you comfortable enough to look within yourself to identify your weaknesses?

After you acknowledge them, what’s the next step?

Can your weakness strengthen you into a more improved person?

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The Power of Negative -vs- Positive Emotions

Which is more powerful a negative emotion or positive one?

Can a negative emotion impact change faster and with more power than a positive one?

Looking in history at some civil rights leaders were they led by their negative or positive emotion?

National Pastime or Past Its Time?

Ron Guidry

Ron Guidry

It was about 10:45 pm last night and I just finished watching Around The Horn, Pardon The Interruption and First Take on my DVR when I remembered the MLB All Star game was on.  I quickly turned to the station in time to see Neil Diamond singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ and the crowd singing along with him.  It seemed like a nice moment and I thought they were going to go into a commercial break but then I heard the beginning of Metallica’s, ‘Enter The Sandman’ Continue reading

Soccer is NOT A SPORT: I will explain the differences between sports, games and silly contests.


Soccer is not a sport. It is a GAME they play in third world countries because they can’t afford any other equipment. Then they have the balls to call it “futbol”? AMERICAN Football is the greatest SPORT ever invented, and it is played by men in the United States. It is obviously too complicated for other countries to try and figure out, because if it wasn’t they would be playing it. There are three requirements that must be met in order for something to be called a “SPORT”….

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