So You Went Thru Your Better Half’s Cell Phone…

I don’t know if it’s a case of curiosity killing the cat (look it up, it’s an old school saying) or people just not trusting each other but I tell you what…I made August 2010 the last time I ever went thru a man’s phone because when I did, I saw a picture of the ugliest red-haired vagina EVER!  YUCK! Continue reading

What do you do with your WEAKNESSES?

What is weakness?

Do you look at it as a negative thing or a way to challenge yourself to get better?

Are you comfortable enough to look within yourself to identify your weaknesses?

After you acknowledge them, what’s the next step?

Can your weakness strengthen you into a more improved person?

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Obessed or Determined?

What’s the difference between being Obsessed and Determined?  Is there a fine line or do they overlap?  Are there certain actions or patterns that determine the difference between the two?  Is it OK to be Obsessed with success? 

 When are you considered Obsessive in a relationship?  Do Obsessed people turn into stalkers?

Dating: How long should a phone call last?

Dating: How long should a phone call last?

When you first start dating someone what should be the time limit on your phone conversations? Or should their be a limit?

MEN: Does a woman who talks to much during your first 5 phone conversations turn you off or does that show you she is into you?

WOMEN: If a man isn’t engaging in the conversation besides saying ‘hello’ does that give you the impression you are boring him?

Can’t wait to read these comments.



5 Ways Women Destroy Relationships

10In my opinion, as a hetrosexual male, nothing is more attractive or more sexy than a woman!  Of course everyone has their physical preference, but in general women are beautiful creatures.  Woman are also emotional and passionate Continue reading

From Mama to Dawta and Back Around Again

She sat on the floor, in between her Mama’s knees and got her hair braided.  (Such a sweet little girl.) Her Mama kept telling her “Your Daddy ain’t shyt.  He’s low down and no good.  Men in general ain’t shyt.  Don’t trust ‘em!”  She believed her. Continue reading

The night I got my ass whooped and survived

It was 1991. I went by my homegirl Jackie’s house and we drank some brews and watched the movie Kindergarten Cop and laughed heartily and talked about personal stuff during the commercials and just overall had a blast in each other’s company. Continue reading

Loose Lips Sink Ships

The N word

Here in South Florida, the posted speed limit on I-95 is 65 mph.  Most people, however, travel around 75-80mph.  We all understand the expectation, but we choose to break that rule.  So, if a cop pulls us over and gives us a ticket, we’re pissed but we’re not really mad.  It’s not as if we weren’t guilty.

Paula Deen probably feels a bit like that right now.

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The Waiting Room

Today I visited my brethren, who is temporarily incarcerated in a local jail.  I always get that same feeling, when I check for ones who are locked up.  It’s kinda like how when you know you gotta do something that you fear?  Continue reading

Video Games: Keeping Relationships Together

young-black-couple-playing-video-gamesSo I’m in my cafe, at work, and I overhear some ladies complaining (basically doing what women do) about how their man is always home playing Call of Duty and that she can’t get him to do anything but play that game system.  I thought about this for a while and then thought, “are women EVER happy?” Continue reading