Obessed or Determined?

What’s the difference between being Obsessed and Determined?  Is there a fine line or do they overlap?  Are there certain actions or patterns that determine the difference between the two?  Is it OK to be Obsessed with success? 

 When are you considered Obsessive in a relationship?  Do Obsessed people turn into stalkers?

Somebody Shoulda Told You A Long Time Ago

I’m no expert on anything.  Life’s experiences have taught me some things about myself, which in turn, if I share them, may just reveal something to you about yourself.

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The night I got my ass whooped and survived

It was 1991. I went by my homegirl Jackie’s house and we drank some brews and watched the movie Kindergarten Cop and laughed heartily and talked about personal stuff during the commercials and just overall had a blast in each other’s company. Continue reading

The Mill – Chapter Three

Pill Mill Pic

The Mill – Chapter Three

JJ yawned and rubbed her hazel eyes.

Ramsey’s file bulged with priors, but there was nothing recent.  He was smarter now, so JJ had to be better.

She hated all the heat from the MEs about the dead bodies piling up in her own backyard.

Nestled between Miami-Dade County and West Palm Beach, Broward County was home to more than two million residents.  Fort Lauderdale was its biggest city with beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, a huge tourism market, and it was the childhood home of Jenevieve Johnson.

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Drug testing for Welfare recipients? Hmmmm….

picYou want the government to help support you and your family, but you think peeing in a cup is demeaning and “an invasion of your privacy’…REALLY? Before you think I am some kind of heartless person who thinks that the unemployed and children should be thrown out into the streets to beg for money, let me… Continue reading

My Blind Erection

My Blind Erection

You cannot turn on the TV today without seeing some commercial where they’re trying to sell you some new age prescription to cure you of your deepest darkest ailments.  These commercials usually include some happy couple, dancing around and walking around in a world of total blissfulness, to give you the impression that their lives are so much better after taking a prescription drug. Continue reading