The Power of Negative -vs- Positive Emotions

Which is more powerful a negative emotion or positive one?

Can a negative emotion impact change faster and with more power than a positive one?

Looking in history at some civil rights leaders were they led by their negative or positive emotion?

The Mill – Chapter Three

Pill Mill Pic

The Mill – Chapter Three

JJ yawned and rubbed her hazel eyes.

Ramsey’s file bulged with priors, but there was nothing recent.  He was smarter now, so JJ had to be better.

She hated all the heat from the MEs about the dead bodies piling up in her own backyard.

Nestled between Miami-Dade County and West Palm Beach, Broward County was home to more than two million residents.  Fort Lauderdale was its biggest city with beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, a huge tourism market, and it was the childhood home of Jenevieve Johnson.

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The Mill – Chapter One

The Mill

~Inspired by one of my students


“Just keep driving.  They won’t suspect us.”


“Stay cool, Carl.  Don’t do anything stupid.”

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The Mill – Chapter Two

The Mill – Chapter Two

Jenevieve Johnson had only twenty minutes left in her shift.

She felt tired, and hungry, and her feet were killing her.

The thousand dollars in tips made up for it, though.

“Can I get a dance?”

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