Does nationality really matter?

Does nationality really matter?

If you were a different nationality do you feel your friends would be the same? Do you think you wouldhave the career you currently hold?

Why do you think your life would be the same or different?

3 comments on “Does nationality really matter?

  1. I think nationality definitely matters to a lot of people and in a lot of different situations. Sometimes it can work for you and sometimes (more so) against you. I am white but I am Croatian and my first name may be common but my last name is definitely different and although I was born in Croatia and came to Canada when I was 13 I finished junior high , highschool and university here. However, in spite of my education getting a job interview alone is extremely difficult. People see my name and assume oh this immigrant, can’t speak proper english and pass me on. But I speak better english, spell and know my grammar more so than people who were born and raised in this country. Same ways, while at a job, my boss would purposely not send me to certain meetings even though I was more than capable and she told me it’s because a lot of people would have a problem pronouncing my last name. Hmm…

  2. I was born in New Guinea, but I am a US citizen. However, I left America nearly a decade ago, and have found a wonderful career overseas in Asia. Thus, my nationality does not matter, though each birth place people hail from has certain ingrained idiosyncratic behaviors. That’s all I’ll say for now. I have not addressed history or pride, which make nationality important.

    • Thanks for the reponse. There are so many different things that go along with how people are viewed in this world. Nationality I think she be something that unites everyone not tear people apart. I think its refreshing when people from other nationalities make an effort to learn about other nationalities. Thanks again.

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