Dating: How long should a phone call last?

Dating: How long should a phone call last?

When you first start dating someone what should be the time limit on your phone conversations? Or should their be a limit?

MEN: Does a woman who talks to much during your first 5 phone conversations turn you off or does that show you she is into you?

WOMEN: If a man isn’t engaging in the conversation besides saying ‘hello’ does that give you the impression you are boring him?

Can’t wait to read these comments.



9 comments on “Dating: How long should a phone call last?

  1. I don’t get the impression that I am boring a man if he doesn’t talk much. Generally, women talk more than men and it’s more important to me that a man be a good listener. Not tune a woman out when she is talking but really listen.

      • I will ask a question later in the date about something I said and see how he responds. If he looks confused or shocked or says he doesn’t remember me mentioning that or us talking about that, that pretty much tells me the he wasn’t listening.

          • No, I would call him out on it and I would ask him if thought of himself as a good listener. hahaha. I am married now but when I was dating, a good listener was very important to me because I didn’t spent my married years with a guy that didn’t care enough to listen. Communication is the most important thing in a relationship so it was at the top of my list of must have’s. I would just suggest a person being very open about their feelings in this area.

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