79 Stabs

I was saddened when I saw a report that an 18 year old girl stabbed her mom 79 times in the face and neck. It is sad to know that some people are killed in their own home by their own children. You are not safe anywhere. So my questions to you are:

Do you think there are signs before a child kills their parents, if so what are they?

Do you think a child/teenager is mentally stable to be able to stab their mom in the face and neck 79 times? If you think about it that has to be physically draining as well as mentally.

What type of punishment do you think is appropriate for this crime?

8 comments on “79 Stabs

  1. To stab a person that many times is not the sign of someone with a healthy mind at the time. It shows an enormous amount of anger, pain and frustration. I’d like to know what the precursor was for this event. Was it, ‘Gee Mum I can’t go to the movies, so I’ll stab the shit out of you.’ Or more likely an ongoing emotional, mental drama unfolding over the years. Possibly the girl may have been schizophrenic, the mother could have been abusive. Or the girl could simply have snapped. The sad thing is those closest to us inflict the most pain.

  2. I think there must have been some sign that the child was mentally disturbed or had real anger issues. I think sometimes parents are the last ones to acknowledge that their children have a problem. Mentally stable? No Punishment? I’m not sure–I guess if they are deemed mentally ill that incarceration in a mental institution would be appropriate. If not then I think they should be tried as an adult even if it means death penalty which I realize most states would not give. I think that we have allowed to many young offenders get by with it and they need to understand that there are serious consquences to their actions. It seems that so many of this younger generation have no empathy for others and care only about themselves. In all the advancements in this high-tech age one thing has never changed and that is human nature. This next generation is on a down hill slide unless we win them to Christ.

    • Yes, well the court system is a beast of its own. Soemtimes justice is served other times its not. This is a very sad situation. I think it’s important that parents build a positive realtionship with their children so they can talk and not allow anger to build up to a boiling point. Thanks for your comment.

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