So He Didn’t Call……

Why didnt he call

So you see him, he sees you.

Your eyes meet and stay affixed upon each other like a moth to a flame.

You give him the once over, he gives you the once over.

Then your eyes meet again.

He walks over and introduces himself. You reciprocate.

After about 10 minutes of casual conversation, he asks for your number and you give it to him.

He said he would call you.  You said okay.

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So You Went Thru Your Better Half’s Cell Phone…

I don’t know if it’s a case of curiosity killing the cat (look it up, it’s an old school saying) or people just not trusting each other but I tell you what…I made August 2010 the last time I ever went thru a man’s phone because when I did, I saw a picture of the ugliest red-haired vagina EVER!  YUCK! Continue reading

What do you do with your WEAKNESSES?

What is weakness?

Do you look at it as a negative thing or a way to challenge yourself to get better?

Are you comfortable enough to look within yourself to identify your weaknesses?

After you acknowledge them, what’s the next step?

Can your weakness strengthen you into a more improved person?

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The Power of Negative -vs- Positive Emotions

Which is more powerful a negative emotion or positive one?

Can a negative emotion impact change faster and with more power than a positive one?

Looking in history at some civil rights leaders were they led by their negative or positive emotion?

Obessed or Determined?

What’s the difference between being Obsessed and Determined?  Is there a fine line or do they overlap?  Are there certain actions or patterns that determine the difference between the two?  Is it OK to be Obsessed with success? 

 When are you considered Obsessive in a relationship?  Do Obsessed people turn into stalkers?

Dating: How long should a phone call last?

Dating: How long should a phone call last?

When you first start dating someone what should be the time limit on your phone conversations? Or should their be a limit?

MEN: Does a woman who talks to much during your first 5 phone conversations turn you off or does that show you she is into you?

WOMEN: If a man isn’t engaging in the conversation besides saying ‘hello’ does that give you the impression you are boring him?

Can’t wait to read these comments.



Careers for Football Players After Taking off the Helmet

Determining what to do after taking off the helmet is a tough decision that all football players have to face at some point in their career. Recently, we have seen many players getting into broadcasting, acting and hosting.

How do you all feel about the football players that are transitioning to television careers?

How do you think Ray Lewis will do?

79 Stabs

I was saddened when I saw a report that an 18 year old girl stabbed her mom 79 times in the face and neck. It is sad to know that some people are killed in their own home by their own children. You are not safe anywhere. So my questions to you are:

Do you think there are signs before a child kills their parents, if so what are they?

Do you think a child/teenager is mentally stable to be able to stab their mom in the face and neck 79 times? If you think about it that has to be physically draining as well as mentally.

What type of punishment do you think is appropriate for this crime?